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 Snohomish County Fire District #22




 Resident Firefighter Program


G.R.I.T. (Getchell Recruits in Training) is a rigorous academy that challenges you physically and mentally five days a week, eight or more hours a day for eight weeks.  G.R.I.T. will usually accept up to 15 recruits out of which approximately 10 will graduate. The recruits that make it through the academy will become probationary fire fighters and will gain on the job experience learning  about fire apparatus, tools, pumping, EMS and will be enrolled in EMT class at Everett Community College. The recruits work a 24 hour shift every fourth day for 12 months and at the end of your twelve month probationary period, the resident will be evaluated by the Chief who will provide an opportunity to become a part-time firefighter for the Getchell Fire department 




General Information

 Snohomish County Fire District #22 provides fire, EMS, automobile extrication, wild land fire suppression and BLS transport service to over 4500 residents. This is accomplished with 40 volunteer members acting out of one station and seven pieces of apparatus. Fire District #22 is located in a unique geographic location in which career fire departments surround our borders. Fire District #22 regularly assists these neighboring fire departments on routine medical emergencies as well as first alarm fire responses. Fire District #22 is also very active in wild land state mobilization, often sending multiple units to fires around the state.  All resident firefighters will have the opportunity to obtain their wild land firefighter II (DNR Red Card) and the opportunity to participate in Washington state fire mobilization.

Our duty crew handles routine emergency alarms consisting of two part time firefighter/EMTs and two resident firefighters. At all times, a level 1 firefighter will be in charge of the crew which can consist of a duty Captain or a firefighter who has reached the experience level needed to qualify as level 1. At the end of the resident firefighter’s 12-month commitment, individuals may be eligible to test for a permanent volunteer/part-time firefighter’s position.  

The resident firefighters will respond to emergency calls while on their rotating shift (24 hours) and are required to pass a state certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course, IFSAC Firefighter I and II certification within six months of employment.  


The Application Process


Compete the employment application and return it to Station 68 during business hours only. The selection process is as follows:

 1. Applications packets reviewed.

 2. Persons found eligible will be notified of a date and time for a basic physical agility test and oral board interview. The physical agility test will consist of the CPAT test through National Testing Network. See http://nationaltestingnetwork.com for details.

 3. Top candidates who pass both the physical examination and the oral board interview will be given a conditional offer.

 4. Candidates given a conditional offer will be given a medical physical that certifies physical health. (The fire district will cover all costs to complete the physical).

 5. Finally, the candidate must pass the background investigation including a criminal history and drivers abstract.

 6. Recruits will be invited to the district orientation. The orientation will include:

  • Fitting for personal protective equipment.
  • Fitting for class B and C Uniform.
  • Issued GRIT SOP Manual and schedule. 


8. The recruit will sign a commitment contract.   

 9. Recruits will then proceed into the eight week paramilitary academy. The failure rate is often about 30% and is for individuals that know they want a fire service career



Recruit School 

Recruit school is held Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm for a period of eight weeks.  

In recruit school you will learn every aspect of the job necessary to make you an efficient firefighter as prescribed by the NFPA and IFSTA. A high degree of discipline will be adhered to and regular physical fitness training will prepare the resident firefighter for a successful firefighting career. The course is taught with the latest edition of IFSTA Essentials as the primary text and concepts are adapted according to department policy as needed.  The instructors are all seasoned fire service professionals, officers, and IFSAC certified instructors.

 At the end of the academy, recruits will be tested and must successfully pass both the written and practical portions of the IFSAC Firefighter I/II examinations. If either tests are failed, you may face re-testing or in most cases, termination. Once the recruit passes both practical and written tests, recruit school has successfully been completed. You will then move on to Phase II as a Probationary Resident Firefighter and proceed into the remainder of your 12-month career development program. During the next year, you will learn many on the job experiences including mapping, emergency apparatus driving, EMT skills and wild land fire suppression through the completion of a highly intense probationary manual.  



At the end of your 12 month resident program, the training division will write a letter to Everett Community College indicating successful completion of each of the 9 training components.  Each resident firefighter will have an opportunity to earn up to 22.5 college credits based on the job experience and courses completed. 



Credits and certification will be issued the last day of the program. Individuals that don’t complete the entire program will not receive credit or certification. Fire District #22 will furnish the resident firefighter with all required books, workbooks and study disks for the above-mentioned courses. 




Expectations and Commitment

The resident firefighters at Fire District # 22 play an important role in protecting the community. In times of true emergency, the district depends on the resident to fulfill their role. In order to meet these expectations, every resident must be self-motivated to do the job that has been described in this packet. This will require a sacrifice that goes beyond coming to drills and standing duty. This is something that must be discussed with your employer, school, or anyone else that may be personally affected by your fire department commitments. We expect you to be a part of our organization for at least 12 months. Additionally, at your time of appointment, you should have no firm plans that will interfere with the fifteen month program. Any resident Firefighter that fails, quits, or is terminated for reasons indicated within the Snohomish County Fire District #22 rules of conduct policy may be obligated to pay the fire district the entire cost expended up to that point of a residents time in the program. 


  The GRIT academy starts the first week of June lasting until late August. Applications accepted year around.  If you need more information or have questions please contact the Recruiting Coordinator - Assistant Chief Stocker (360)659-6400 ext.103




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